Lab Rescue: ​Our Primary Partner

At Lab Rescue Oklahoma Inc, we work hard to save Labradors and lab mixes across a five state area.
We have a dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly to raise money, save dogs, nurse them
back to health and work with their unique personalities to to match with the right loving homes.

Even with our best efforts, we can only re-home about 350 dogs per year. 

The problem of pet over-population is bigger than one breed or one species. It will take the efforts the entire community to make a true impact.  We decided to start looking for ways to help facilitate that process.  In our research, we found that some of the hard work had already been done. The Kilpatrick Foundation produced a comprehensive study with scientific facts detailing the needs of the animals in Oklahoma.
Review the Kilpatrick Foundation study
The state of New Hampshire has reduced the kill rate at shelters to “technically zero”. The first step in that process was to encourage the name tagging of all pets to get them home. This effort eventually grew into a tagging, spay and neuter program. It was so successful that they have shared the model and other states have followed suite! With your help, Oklahoma will be next.
Learn more about New Hampshire's program
​​Lab Rescue decided to put its volunteers, and experience to work and begin this effort right in own back yard.

We sell custom tags to people and place them on collars, on the pet. (All three steps are important!!)  We create name tags for FREE for people that can’t afford the tag and collar. We provide education about the importance of these steps at schools, homeless shelters, events for veterans and more. is powered by Lab Rescue and serves to help all breeds and all species of pets to get home.